Monday, February 12, 2018

Key West #2

KEY WEST  cont.   

As I explore the keys I don't always think about taking a picture of my experience until i'm already on to my next adventure.  I am trying to snap a few at each stop.  (Sorry live with it.) 

Smathers Beach looking NE
 I went to this beach several times just to walk and wade in the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the coral reef out a couple of miles there are no waves like on the Oregon coast.
Looking SW on Smathers beach. These Coral rocks are brought in to help keep the sand in place.Its only 90 miles to Cuba.

 Waiting for lunch at my table in the sand.

Pasta with Shrimp, mushrooms,spinach,fresh tomatoes,and bread.
View from my table on the beach at Salute! On the Beach
 Downtown Key West:

Street Fair

A Little History
 I walked to the end of the street fair and saw 2 cruise ships unloading thousands of people so I got out of there as fast as I could.   

Stopped for a drink  and noticed the view towards the gulf. The restaurant was damaged during IRMA

Friday, January 26, 2018


Week 1 in Key West

I think the best way to describe last week is:  Exploration ----
Feral Hen and her brood

This rooster was keeping a close eye his family

This guy fell out of a tree behind the trailer

my shoe shows just how big this iguana is
Stumbled on this place when Pat and I came to Key West four years ago. Cuban food at a great price. I had the special Cuban beef stew, plantains,  yellow rice and black beans.  YUM it was good.
story behind the courthouse tree
Lunch at the Hurricane hole marina

Fresh Conch - I had flash fried conch for lunch. Taste like a mellow clam.
Overall I am having a good time. I spend lots of time at the beach and pool. I have met lots of nice people and I've participated in poker run for Cancer (all walking), potluck, bingo and a movie all at the park.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I am actually staying on Stock Island 100 ft from Key West proper. Boyds

Ready for fun
OTD (really out the back window)
Mini Pineapple with a lime and tomato

My dining table is ready for to be made into a salsa.

MY OFFICE FORTHE NEXT FEW WEEKS  - the wi-fi server is in the TIKI bar off the pool.

Return to Flordia

As I return to Fort Lauderdale all I can say is WOW !!!
I got home to Cove and shoveled snow the first morning. While my trailer bask in the balmy south Florida sun. Three days to restock the trailer, clean and get ready to travel again i'm ready to go.

KOA Ft. Lauderdale

OTD KOA Ft. Lauderdale @ Sunset

 What is this ????
Air Potato (look it up on your phone)



I will be taking a Vacation from my Vacation to go home over the Holidays and spend time with my family and friends. Check back mid January for more adventures.

Rabbit to Iguana

I am willing to try most anything one time, however lizard just isn't a flavor I crave. As I head to Fort Lauderdale I have slowed down and I'm smelling the bougainvillea.
These were actually very good. Fried just like chicken nuggets.  YUM

Somewhere in Florida my lucky day.

Tallahassee RV OTD

12-8-2017 Orlando FL.
Sherwood Forest: great park in Kissimmee FL. Visited Disney Springs (shopping, entertainment, food, and lots of people).


Fort Lauderdale  :

This fella was waiting by the pool as I checked into KOA

OTD KOA Ft. Lauderdale

Texas, Texas, Texas

Two days in El Paso : rest and relaxation good food and poor air quality.
This is the Rosa's from the Marty Robbins song El Paso.

This Coyote came to dine with us.
I had dinner at Cattlemans Steakhouse. Food was good but the show was better. Glass wall was lit and wild game were outside checking out the diners. This restaurant is 15 miles out in the mountains on a working cattle ranch.
OTD Junction,TX
 Drove across West Texas in one day 440miles. (not a lot to see)   I stayed in Fredericksburg 4 nights. Each day was an adventure.


Lunch menu from one of the 13 German Restaurants in Fredericksburg.
Now I know why this town was on Pat's Bucket list.


Luckenbach,TX Post Office

Is it Duke or Cap ?

Outside bar

Front door of P.O. and Bar combo.

Look Close there's a chicken in the tree 

Listening to the  "Boys" no Waylon or Willie


One of 2 ranch cars used by the president 1965 Continental 
 Wish I had one of these  !!!!
LBJ first school. He started 2 years early.

cistern pump behind LBJ school house.

Stopped at a kitchen store in While waiting for Christmas Parade they had two walls of cookie cutters.
 Fredericksburg night parade lasted over a hour and was broadcast on TV in Austin

Town Square Christmas Tree

Life size Pyramid in the town square


Lady Bird at Multnomah Falls

OTD Fredericksburg

OTD East Houston