Monday, August 15, 2016

Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs flows into the Owyhee River on the way to Owyhee State Park and what a fun place to take William!  The weather was a little cool but the water was just right for swimming.

People have created a warm water pool - the hot spring water mixes with the cold river water!  
Once in while you'd find a cold pocket of water!  Brrrrrr...

Will and Grandpa walking on the rocks.

William getting ready to go swimming.

Splashing Grandpa!



Scott relaxing where the hot water comes into the "pool".  Too hot for us!

I think Will is telling his Grandpa a tall tale!

Searching for rocks so he can splash Grandma!

Now that's an impish grin!

Will practicing his swimming technique.

Holding onto Grandma's foot... the only picture I got of myself! 😉

Look how clear the water is - you could see right to the bottom.  We had the hot springs to ourselves for at least an hour before a group of people arrived and set their lawn chairs right in the pool!  Great idea!  We'll remember that the next time we come! 

Grandpa and Will drying off before we head back to camp.

William is an explorer sneaking through the tall grass...

This is William's "tiger face!"

Leslie Gulch

Rockville School, on the way to Leslie Gulch.

Leslie Gulch has many amazing, stark rock formations made of tuff or consolidated volcanic ash.
The gulch is named after a local rancher, Hiram Leslie, who was struck by lightning here in 1882.

Indian Paintbrush

Juniper tree appears to be growing right out of the rocks!


White Lupine; some of this wild lupine would have a hint of lavender.

Can you see the heart made by two hands?

Chukar, we saw lots of chukars while in Leslie Gulch.




More honeycomb